Coworking Indonesia

Coworking Indonesia

Coworking Indonesia is a community of community movers, makers and leaders within the coworking industry of Indonesia. The shared vision and purpose is to grow and strengthen the Indonesian economy through coworking.

Coworking Indonesia is an open community that is also a pool of resources, with a network of experts in various fields and industries. Among the activities of the organization, there are also learning opportunities and tools available to the organization’s members.


We are here to support local communities and to help building a stronger economy for Indonesia. We support initiatives that are helping the ecosystem to develop and for communities to thrive. We are a strong partner in setting things into movement and we value partners that can help us to reach further in our work for a sustainable future.

Programs and projects

We have a strong record of successful programs and projects that we have run in collaboration with both private companies, universities as well as government. We highly value programs that are promoting capacity building or having a positive impact on sustainable economical development.