Membership and prices

We're more than just a workspace, we're a community

Our community

Being part of the community

We're a community of creative people and a family of colleagues and friends that arrange activities together both during work hours and after.

Come to use with an open mind and be active in the community and we promise that you will find new opportunities and expand your network in no time. You will get the most out of your membership if you are passionate about community activities, collaboration and sharing.

Making an impact

We are partnering with many industry giants and running programs for community development. By joining the community you will both have access to the programs and also have the option of working more closely with us on the activities.

The facilities

Kumpul is a professional workspace with all the facilities and comfort of a modern office and we are an integral part of Rumah Sanur, which is a 1500 square meter creative hub that includes a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, meeting rooms open air stage and more.

Rumah Sanur - Creative hub
Rumah Sanur - Talk shows
Rumah Sanur - Market
Rumah Sanur - Music concerts
Rumah Sanur - The facility


Full time, unlimited access to the community and workspace. With this membership you don’t need to count your hours that you spend here during the whole period.

Price option IDR
Month 2,600,000
Week 1,000,000

Flex membership

For you who you are in and out a lot or only working part time.

The amount of hours in your membership is counted by the time you are here and is valid for a month. We can help you to figure out how many hours that you might be needing each month.

We’re having a discounted membership price for Indonesian citizens (WNI).

Price option IDR
40 hours/month 990,000
40 hours/month (WNI) 650,000
20 hours/week 550,000
20 hours/week (WNI) 450,000

Drop in

Are you only passing through? No worries, you’re welcome to stop by.

Price option IDR
Full day 200,000
Hourly 30,000