Kumpul Hash 9

Sat 15 April, 13:00 - 18:00

Kumpul Hash 9

Are you ready for a muddy, sweaty and fantastically beautiful run!?

This is the 9th time for Kumpul Hash, so join in on our weekend fun with friends event as we’ll go together up into the middle of no-where to join Bali Hash on a run (and afterwards a lot of singing, socializing, and of course, beer!).

Please note that the organizers are the Hash group themselves and there are different fees depending on whether you’re a member, drink beer or if you’re Indonesian (or a combination of all). See their website for reference: http://balihashone.org/

if you live in Sanur area, you can come to Kumpul and we can ride to the location together. Keep up to date on this posting for more information (Location and Pictures)

PS: This is soooooo fun, you will regret if you are not joining the hash!!


Date 15 April 2017
Time 13:00 - 18:00
Place Kumpul Coworking Space
Access Open for public
Price (IDR) 35,000 (regular)
Social media

Access: Open for public

This event is open for anyone to join. We hope to see as many new and friendly faces as possible as it is a chance for you to get to know us and vice versa.

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