Study Group - Functional Programming in Scala

Mon 11 September, 18:30 - 21:00

Study Group - Functional Programming in Scala

Let’s learn Scala together! Why? Functional programming allows you to write very elegant code and changes the way you think about developing software. The session & discussion will be held in English & Indonesian.


The idea is to do the Functional Programming Principles in Scala course together. The course materials consist of videos and exercises. These will be completed individually and each week, after the submission date, we get together and discuss the exercises and the solutions we have found. Doing the course together will also allow us to help each other if anybody gets stuck.


Scala as a JVM language that mixes functional and object oriented concepts. It finds a good balance between being elegant and pragmatic. It interops smoothly with your existing Java libraries.

Even if you won’t ever use Scala in your daily work, the functional concepts that it offers help you think differently about software design and they can be applied in almost any language.

Reviewing the exercises in a group will be fun and make us learn from each other.

A completed Scala course is a real CV booster. Functional programmers are in high demand.

Where: Kumpul Coworking Space, Jl. Danau Poso 51A, Sanur, Denpasar

When: 11, 18, 25 September & 2, 9, 16 October 2017

Investment: IDR 50.000 for 1 meetup
IDR 250.000 for 6 meetups


Limited only for 10 participants, register yourself now!

Study Group - Functional Programming in Scala


Date 11 September 2017
Time 18:30 - 21:00
Place Kumpul Coworking Space
Access By invitation
Price (IDR) 50,000 (regular)
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Access: By invitation

This event is only available for those who have received an explicit invitation from us. We are doing our best to remember everyone on our invitation list, but sometimes we make mistakes.

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