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Everyone has a special skill, a story to tell or an ability to help others with something. Show the community what you can do!

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Getting started is easy! Just fill out our form with as much details as possible about your event and we'll get back to you ASAP! We're open for just about any kind of activity: social, educational, musical, recreational, workshops, seminars. We've done almost anything you can think of. Check our event archive for examples or inspiration or check out the section below for what type of events that we are currently looking for.


As a member you are welcome to organize seminars, workshops or other activities in the space. Together with the team we can decide if the event should be only for members or if it would be suitable to invite non-member participants also.

Please consider joining our community if you would like to get involved, if you are having a story to tell or if you have skills to sell. As a non-member we hope that you respect our vision to build and support our own community first.


We only make exceptions to this policy, in cases when we don't have a candidate in our community that can or want to organize a certain activity that is requested or needed by the community. Please see the list below for topics and activities that we are welcoming non-members to organize.

Terms and conditions

Make sure to read and accept our terms and conditions before organizing an event.

Events and activities that we are currently looking for

Graph databases

Posted: 01 February 2017

We’re welcoming anyone that has experience with Graph Databases such as neo4j or similar. We would be interested to either organize a seminar style event or something more informal like coffee/beer with an expert where we can discuss benefits, challenges and best practices.

Jekyll websites

Posted: 02 February 2017

The community would like to learn more about building fast and robust websites with Jekyll. So if you a web developer ninja that knows how to make awesome websites we would be very happy to hear from you.

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