Ogoh ogoh parade 2017

Mon 27 March, 18:00

Ogoh ogoh parade 2017

Don’t be afraid, the monsters are not real… or aren’t they?

Bring a friend whose hand you can hold on to and let’s go together to watch the spectacular Ogoh-ogoh parade in Sanur (in front of old Grand Hyatt).

Beware that the streets will be very crowded and it can be hard to get home with car after 8pm. Make sure that you ask people that are living in your direction of going home so that you have some tips on where to park and how to get home once the party goes to the streets.


Date 27 March 2017
Time 27 March 18:00
Place Old Grand Hyatt
Access Open for public
Price (IDR) Free
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Access: Open for public

This event is open for anyone to join. We hope to see as many new and friendly faces as possible as it is a chance for you to get to know us and vice versa.

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