I'd like to have more balance in life and I also wanted to pursue my dream. That's why I moved to Bali.


Photo credit: Anggara Mahendra

Before moving to Bali, Jessica had a normal 9-5 office job. She believed that it was a typical normal life in Jakarta.

Jessica realized that she wanted to have her own business one day. That’s the dream for her. However, she felt that it was really challenging – close to impossible – to start pursuing her dream with her daily busy life in Jakarta. She could only focus on one thing at a time, and nothing else.

I’d like to have more balance in life and I also wanted to pursue my dream. That’s why I moved to Bali.

Being in Bali for some months, she feels really grateful for the circumstances that happen in her current life. She’s grateful for the friends, the working environment, and – more importantly – for the balanced life she’s able to manage. Jessica is thrilled for she still has some space and time to learn other things besides working in a company. She is on the way in pursuing her dream.

As a busy relationship manager, she finds happiness in the human connections she makes. This coffee lover shared one of her unforgettable moments that happened at Kumpul.

Recently, one of our members had the chance to teach hand lettering class here. That was one unforgettable moment for me. We are colleagues, we are also housemates. For me, seeing her in a different “format” was really interesting. We usually just work together, side by side. When I witness her giving a lecture to the class, I felt proud of her.